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Who We Are

Dreamworx Marketing is a digital advertising agency in Melbourne obsessed with growth, research, and client satisfaction.

Our mantra is simple, “Your Business Growth is Directly Proportional to Our Growth”. That is, we grow with you!

Dreamworx is an advertising agency in Melbourne that creates targeted, measurable, and evolving marketing strategies to deliver continuous business growth to their clients.

Our team works remotely most of the time, encouraging safe work environment & reducing our carbon footprint as well, but we work alongside you as an organisation. By being apart we stay together.

What We Do

We’re a Meta advertising agency that uses custom ad strategies to help grow your business.

We provide sleek & modern Website Designs, superior Landing Pages that are thumb-stopping, fully functional & mobile optimized.

We offer affordable SEO services that help small & medium business websites rank high on Google because we believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity. 

Get the most out of our Social Media Management services which are tailored to suit every business we work with. Are you busy running the business? Simply leave the socials to us.

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We're relentlessly Proactive

From the day of our partnership, we will be guiding you on the things you can be doing, showing you the opportunities of improvement, and curating unique marketing strategies for the ultimate growth of your business. 

We Love To Research

No marketing strategy can ever be successful without prior data research. We take pride in following an analytical approach while developing digital marketing strategies for your business. 

We Take It Step-By-Step

We are committed to making your journey with Dreamworx enjoyable. From the start of our partnership, you will witness step-by-step procedures followed in every service that we offer. 

We're brutally honest

Honesty is our pride and we abide by that. We will be honest in delivering our digital marketing services to you as we honor the trust you put in us by choosing to work with us.  

Your Dream Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

Over the last three years, Dreamworx Marketing has worked with businesses in Australia, Singapore and New Zealand in creating unique marketing strategies specific to their brands which offered great ROIs to all businesses.

Marketing Your Dreams Digitally

Partner with us and only pay for results

How it all started

Meet The Founder

Hi, This Is Swarn!

Here's My Story!

My journey as a digital marketer started with a volunteering role, which I did at an Australian Not-for-profit organisation 3 years ago. My passion for Social Media combined with my Master’s in IT enabled me in getting a role with the organisation as a Social Media Consultant. Through word of mouth, I found myself helping multiple small businesses in managing their social media accounts and creating websites. As my portfolio grew, I discovered there weren’t many agencies that were honest about their services to the clients.

Time and time again I met burnt-out business owners, who had been taken advantage of and made to pay a hefty amount for recurring contracts which weren’t bringing them results. I soon realised there is a need to fill this gap; thus, Dreamworx was born. Why I named it so was because this agency was the exact combination of my dream of helping people through my God-given skills, and Dream+Worx made total sense. 

I strive to provide honest and dedicated Digital Marketing Services to all my clients. With Dreamworx, your voice is heard, your opinions are taken into consideration and your trust in choosing us is valued.  

Give me and my team a chance to assist you with digital marketing services. We promise that you will not regret it. Please click on the button below to check out our services or simply book an appointment to get started.

We work with businesses big and small

Meet Our Clients

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