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Our team at Dreamworx Marketing, apply analytical approach to Facebook advertising, ensuring that our strategies work at every stage of the customer buying journey. Whether you are a service-based business or an e-commerce store, we are a Facebook advertising agency that will make sure your Facebook ads:

Eye Catching Creatives

Thumb Stopping Copy

Intricate Targeting

Not Just Likes

When you choose to work with Dreamworx, you gain access to a team of Facebook advertising experts who will work with you to develop your unique Facebook marketing campaigns. We will bring years of experience in generating low-cost leads and sales to keep your business thriving.

Increased ROI

We choose ad budgets and placements that are best suited to impress your target audience. The ads will compel them to not just like and follow your page but also become qualified leads. We will use the most optimum targeting strategies to leverage growth and give a great return on ad spend.

Get the confidence

Meta Certified Media Buyers

Meta (or Facebook) awards credentials to individuals who demonstrate advanced-level proficiency in various aspects of digital marketing with Meta products. Our Facebook (or Meta) ads experts are recognised by Meta thus giving you the confidence that your business is in the right hands

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One Stop Facebook Ads Agency

Facebook advertising is one of the fastest vehicles available to skyrocket connections and sales with your audience. Depending on your business goals, whether that be brand awareness, leads, sales, event promotion, content promotion and more there is a particular strategy to achieve the best results.

We have worked with both small and large businesses who have literally exploded their growth through smart and strategic campaigns on Facebook. We have also helped hundreds of eCommerce store owners make the most of Facebook advertising to promote and sell their products. Crafting the right sales offer that is compelling enough to make the viewers buy from you is a rare talent that we have very meticulously cultivated.

Bespoke Facebook Advertising

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Step By Step Procedure

1. Recognising Business Objectives

We will match your business goals with Facebook ad results. We’ll work with your investment to determine how Facebook ads can best benefit your business. We are about realistic & achievable objectives, so we’ll ensure every benchmark we set is primed for success.

2. Identifying Target Audience

We will do audience research for your business niche and combine it with our extensive experience in Facebook ads to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

3. Setting Up Ads

Skillfully designed the campaigns that are expected to generate maximum profit by incorporating A/B testing, Campaign Budget Optimisation, or Dynamic Ads, we have enough hands-on experience to develop a marketing plan best suited to your business needs.

4. Ongoing Optimisation & Reporting

We will optimise the ads and generate timely reports on how the ads have performed and further modify the strategies to achieve even better results. Your feedback will be heard every step of the way!

What our Facebook Ads clients are saying about our services

Client Reviews

"Swarn - you’ve changed my life!!! I went from an underperforming business and since I started working with you the business has constantly performed and increased revenue this month nearly 250% from where we started in March. So of course I would like to keep our relationship going."
Christine C.
Laser Clinic
"Dreamworx Marketing was great for running Facebook ads for my business. The number of daily organic leads we achieved from the ads was mind blowing. We converted 70% of all leads received, which means high quality targeting work was done on our ads. Highly recommended Facebook ads agency for lead generation."
Mike S.
"Very clear and transparent service model. Dreamworx Markerting team has been our best choice Facebook ads agency. They have delivered quality results and helped us gain new leads which increased our business revenue to 80%. Dont doubt or wait, go ahead and choose these guys to run Facebook ads for your company"
Elizabeth P.
Solar Provider

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Paying third-party lead suppliers can be costly and often times those leads aren’t good quality leads. Why waste money on such sources when you can run your own ads through Google? 

By choosing Facebook ads, you will establish a strong online presence for your business. Get in touch with us and we will walk you through the process.

Real businesses and Real Results

Some Of Our Clients

Initiate, Skyrocket and Dominate

Derive real business results

As per Meta (or Facebook) more than two billion people use  Facebook every month – so no matter what kind of audience you want to reach, you’ll find them here. 

Facebook Lead Ads

Generate warm and qualified leads that actually convert through Facebook lead ads.

Facebook Retargeting/Remarketing

Re-Engage Non-Converting Site Traffic, Create More Relevant Ads by Leveraging Traffic Data from Your Own Website

Facebook Conversions Ads

Increase sales from your online shop by running ads that offer dynamic shop experiences.

Facebook/Instagram Likes & Follows

Boost your follower list by displaying your posts to people who are more likely to follow your page.

Proven Success through Facebook Advertising

We have helped 80+ Australian businesses grow their business, increase sales and make an impact through our services.

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Frequently asked questions

Imagine what $5/ day can do for your business? That’s the minimum you can spend each day on a Facebook ad. What if we can get your website new traffic with that? Hard to believe, we know. Facebook advertising is one of the most cost-effective methods of online advertising.

Rather than relying on your social posts reaching your audience organically (unpaid), you pay to get them in front of your target audience. And with Facebook boasting 2 billion users every month, chances are your audience is on there somewhere!

As with pay-per-click, Facebook advertising is an auction. When you submit your ad, it goes to an auction to get in front of the right people. The ad that wins and gets shown is the one with the highest total value based on three main factors: bid amount, estimated action rates, ad quality, and relevance.

If you’re not using Facebook advertising, you’re missing a tremendous opportunity to grow your business.

Aside from the colossal number of people who use Facebook and Instagram, the targeting capabilities of its advertising platform are exceptional.

You can dig deep into behaviors, interests, connections, demographics, age ranges, languages, and locations, and even layer them on top of each other to get in front of the right people.

With that much control over the ads, your business can sure be in front of the right audience at the right time.

As much as you like! The best thing about Facebook advertising is that you don’t need a huge budget. You can advertise on Facebook for as little as $5 per day, making it an affordable option for small businesses. The CPM (cost per thousand impressions) on Facebook ranges from $5-10. In other words, you can spend less than $10 and reach over one thousand people! That said, it’s not really a question of how much Facebook costs, but how far your budget will go. Go into Facebook advertising with clear goals and a razor-sharp strategy, and you’ll be astounded by the ROI you can achieve.

Play your cards right and receive unbelievable results from Facebook ads.  A clear funnel-based marketing strategy is what you need for running successful ads on Facebook. You just cannot use any ad creatives or copy and expect to get the results you want. That is why you need a Facebook advertising agency to do the hard work for you.

Be it increased website traffic, greater reach, quality leads, or increased sales on your online shop. Make the most of our expertise to get the job done for you. 


Dreamworx is a Facebook Advertising agency trusted by Australia’s most innovative businesses. We have been running Facebook ad campaigns for service-based and eCommerce businesses for the last 5 years.   We have offered high converting leads to our clients that have helped them grow their business to great heights.
Our agency media buyers are certified by Meta. They have put in the hard work to earn the badge & certificate and we as an agency are on track to become a Facebook marketing partner.

Our current member Facebook Partner status has been earned by the dedicated hard work that we have done for our clients over the years. From enterprise-level businesses to local storefronts, eCommerce to B2B, we’ve built high-performing campaigns for brands of all sizes and industries. 

We unrelentingly test new creative, ad copy, audiences, and landing pages to maximise your conversions.

We have given enough reasons why you must choose us. But here is the BIG ONE! We will not promise you over-the-top unrealistic results and tell you when the campaigns don’t work. It is our honesty that has brought us this far and we wish to continue with the legacy.

As a Facebook Ads agency we will take care of everything needed to help you get the best return on ad spend from your advertising budget. We will accomplish full campaign ideation, campaign implementation, Ads management, and optimisation.

Since sales don’t just magically happen so we start by building out a full marketing funnel that covers brand awareness, consideration, and conversion — so we’re hitting all the correct channels with powerful messages that convince your customers to take action. Alongside this funnel mapping, we’ll conduct comprehensive competitor, customer and market research to find new ways of targeting your ideal customers.

We will custom deisgn ad creatives and do copywriting for the Facebook ads that will the forefront of the ad campaign. They are two visible elements of the Facebook ads that make a direct impact on the viewer and make them buy from your brand. 

Not only that, we will constantly improvise both ad copy and creatives, test multiple samples via A/B testing so allow only the best performing assets to run the ad campaigns. This way your ad budget is never wasted.

Since the Facebook ad strategy followed for every business is unique and tailored as per their marketing need. There is no fixed fee that we charge. It varies depending on the monthly advertising budget. 

We do a flat fee based on the size of the spend, which includes all Facebook marketing services from campaign ideation to implementation and optimisation. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll be investing in your Facebook advertising every month, and our marketing experts will be able to get the best performance possible from your ad spend budget.

Simply, send your details by filling in the inquiry form on the contact page. One of our marketing experts will get in touch with you and explain the steps to forward.

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