12 Crazy Simple Google My Business Hacks for Local Businesses

Every local business in Australia has one expectation: that both their online and offline customers as well as the search engines expect them to be good marketers.

As a local business owner, you have the stress to effectively market your business in order to sustain and grow your business. But when it comes to digital marketing, there is only so much you can do yourself as the subject of digital marketing is quite vast and not easy to implement.

In this blog, I am going to share how to use Google My Business to your best advantage. You will learn 12 very simple hacks that will instantly bring your business listing on the top in your local area.

The tips shared in this post are best suited to local businesses such as Real Estate agencies, plumbers, electricians, builders, mortgage brokers, accountants, dentists, chiropractors, etc., that have a physical presence on the Google maps or have the local people as their target customers/clients.

Let us start by defining what Google My Business is?

What is Google My Business (now known as Google Business Profile)?

Google Business profile is a FREE tool offered by Google to list your business online. This profile appears primarily on Google maps but also has a significant presence on the Google Search.

You can not only put details of your Business name, services and contact information but also add a URL of your website that helps your website with increased local traffic.

If you business has a physical office or it serves customers in your local area, think a electrician providing residential electrical services to a particular suburb, then it is best to create a Google My Business or Google Business profile right now.

Google My Business hacks

Need help setting up and optimising your Google business profile?

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Benefits of Google My Business Profile

The top 3 benefits of having a Google Business Profile are:

  1. Make your business more visible on Google.
  2. Build trust with your local audience through the reviews.
  3. Share business details with local customers.

12 Google My Business hacks you need to know

1. Maintain NAP consistency

NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone number. Be sure to be consistent with these details both on your Google business profile and your website. If you offer 2 ways for allowing your customers to contact your local business, example, phone and email, then make sure that the same phone number and email address are being used on both platforms’.

Google my business tips

2. Add a business description for a 5th grader

Why 5th grader? Because, if a 5th grader can understand what your business is all about, the higher the chances are for local people to contact you for your services. Believe it or not, many businesses use complicated industry jargon in their business description which is hard for a layman to understand. And if your ideal customer doesn’t “get” what you have to offer, they will look elsewhere.

Pro tip: Make sure to add a couple of target keywords in this description to get some brownie points for Local SEO.

3. Exact Location

I don’t know how many local businesses get this wrong on their Google Business profile. It amazes me that many local businesses choose a wrong address for their business in 2024.

After Covid, things have changed. Not all businesses have a physical address anymore. Although they still cater to the local audience, but without an office. Remote working is on the rise but that should not stop you from creating a business profile on Google. To solve this problem, you can either use your house address to show on Google, but if you don’t want that, get a virtual address from your nearest co-working space.

That’s exactly what I have done. I work from home 50% of the time and the remaining 50%, I work from Waterman Centre in Eastland. Being a part time member, I use the physical address to this location on my Google Business Profile.

4. Correctly group your services

There are some local businesses that provide heaps of services to their customers. But if you provide like 40 different big and small services, you need not list them all in your business profile as it might look overwhelming or confusing to your local audience.

Simply categorise your services in groups and list them on your Google My Business profile. It gives a professional outlook to your business and makes it easier for local customers to understand and book your services.

5. Add your services as products

Now, this tip is sneaky. Well, successful businesses do that then why not you? Google business has a section that allows you to add product images and their details to show on Google. Now if you are a service business, you probably do not have products to sell, therefore, do this:

  1. Create a 1080X1080 graphic in Canva with name and brief detail of your service.
  2. Add this image as the product image in your Business profile.
  3. In the description column, add details of this service as well as all your sub-services.

This way your business will have increased visibility on Google.

Google business profile

6. Genuine replies to reviews

I understand that this is the era of artificial intelligence (A.I.), and there are numerous A.I. tools available that can automatically respond to customer reviews on Google for you. But my advice to you would be to stop using these tools. AI replies are far from genuine. When you reply to your customers and make these replies friendly, real relationship is built in that process. It is best to train your admin staff to leave customised replies to every review so that your future customers can feel the good vibes of your business.

7. Add photos

You must’ve read this tip 1000 times by now. Well, if you haven’t already, be sure to share images of your recent work, any awards that you may have won, any big success you may have achieved with your past customers etc – these images build your brand credibility. For future customers, is bring a sense of trust with your business that makes them eager to call you and book your services.

Make sure you update your Google business profile with images on a regular basis.

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8. Add a keyword

In the tip #2, I shared that you must add your target keywords in your business description. However, you must also do that in your responses to reviews.

How? Check this out- When someone leaves a review for your business on Google, don’t just thank them but say “Thank you for choosing us for <enter service name>…”, this way you are telling Mr.Google to provide your business some extra visibility for your services.

9. Add Google Posts

Do you know you can share offers, events, products and services directly to your Google business profile using Google posts? If the answer is a silent no, then don’t worry. You know now! So, don’t delay. The Google posts can include text, photos and or videos. Here are 2 examples of Google posts you can do – Add a coupon link to a new offer for Black Friday or Christmas, Include photo and description of your latest successful project etc.

10. Add Questions and Answers

It is best to provide answers to common questions your business keeps getting regarding your services. This is a great way to show open communication, promptness and only allow your target customers to book your services.

You can either post your own questions or ask others to post some questions related to your business to which you can leave a reply to.

Google business profile expert

11. Add Highlights & Attributes

Show off unique aspects of your business by adding in appropriate Highlights on your Google Business profile. For example, Dreamworx Marketing has a female founder, so in our listing we proudly include, “Women-Led”.

Some highlights that you can use are

  • “Accepts new patients” – Works well for GPs, Dentists etc
  • “Women Led” – Works well for female dominant and female founded businesses.
  • “LGBTQ-friendly” – Works for such businesses that strongly support to this cause.
  • “Outdoor Seating”- Works well for restaurants, cafes etc.

There are 4 types of attributes such as Amenity, Activity, Service and Language attributes that you can add on your Google My Business profile.

12. Regularly maintain your profile

When was the last time you checked your business profile to see if everything is looking good and is up-to-date? Well, if its been a while, take this as your reminder to refresh your cover image, tweak your description if a new service has been added or better yet, add an update to your business profile.

A word of caution: If you business profile has been left unattended for a long time, then Google might see it as a dead listing, thus marking it as “closed”. This has happened to a client before. So be sure to continuously optimise your profile.


Keeping your Google Business Profile up to date is a free and effective way to stay ahead of the competition.

Make sure to provide your business information, regularly respond to reviews, and share news and events. By doing this, you can enhance your local search visibility and attract potential customers.

If you need help with your Google My Business profile, get in touch with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Go to your profile and select edit profile. Then choose “cover photo” if you want to change the cover photo or “logo” to change the profile image.

There are 2 ways to do this. Below I am sharing a verified answer by Google itself:

  1. Go to business.google.com/add. Enter the name and address of the business, then choose it from the search results.
  2. Find your business on Google Search or Google Maps. Under the Business Profile, click Claim this business.

By adding correct details of your business and regularly updating the profile with new posts and images, you can maintain a healthy Google business profile. Be sure to also encourage your customers to leave a review on your profile after you have provided them your services.

If for some reason your Google business profile has been suspended, you can request Google to reinstate your profile by first reading their guidelines and submitting a reinstate form. Click on the link to get rid of suspension from Google business profile.

First, check on multiple browsers, if your listing is showing or not. If it is not present, chances are your listing hasn’t been verified. Go to your business profile using the same Google account that you used to create it and follow the steps to verify your listing. Once done, it will start to show on Google maps and Google search.

Google Business profile is a FREE tool offered by Google to list your business online. This profile appears primarily on Google maps but also has a significant presence on the Google Search. If you are looking for an expert to help you with your Google Business profile? I am happy to help. Please send me an email with the issue you are facing and I’ll be sure to help you resolve the same.

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