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We have years of experience with Google Ads and some incredible success stories of businesses we’ve helped to grow and exceed their marketing goals. Our amazing team at Dreamworx Marketing, is results driven, and they have the skills, experience, and expertise needed to get your business consistent results.

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Google Ads Strategy and Account Setup

There’s no point putting your ads live and throwing away ad spend on a half-built campaign that won’t convert. That’s why we take the necessary time to build a tightly structured set of campaigns containing highly targeted ad groups that focus on the different pages/product groups on your website. We’ll also craft high-converting ad copy and ensure conversion tracking is firing correctly.


Landing Page Analysis and Development

A business could have the best set of highly optimised PPC campaigns going. But if the landing page isn’t designed to convert users, we can guarantee that people will either drop straight off the page or won’t be able to find what they are looking for fast enough.

Our team of experienced CRO specialists begins by making landing page recommendations from the offset. If we feel changes need to be made before we send paid traffic to them, we will let you know.


Google Ads Campaign Management

Full-service management of PPC campaigns is imperative for consistent results. We have a large list of campaign optimisations that we use to maximise your ROI. 

When we’re confident we’ve got a successful formula in place to run your ads, we’ll talk to you about scaling up your ads to increase your sales and hit your business’s goals.

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Service Inclusions

Monthly Google Ads Management

Google Ads Campaign Auditing

Do you already have an existing Google Ads campaigns running that aren’t really converting? We’ll provide you with a deep analysis of your Google Ads campaign’s performance and look at improvements that can be made to give that performance a much-needed boost.

Campaign Setup

We are experts in setting up various successful and profitable campaigns, including search ads, product listing ads (PLAs or Google Shopping ads), display ads, remarketing ads, RLSAs (Remarketing Lists for Search ads) and YouTube ads.

Campaign Management

Whether you already have a set of Google Ads campaigns that need some TLC or you need a completely new set of campaigns creating, we can regularly manage your campaigns for maximum profitability.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is absolutely vital for the overall success of your pay-per-click campaigns. Without it, we’re essentially bidding in the dark. That’s why we make sure conversion tracking is set up correctly. With this in place, we can accurately gauge how your campaigns and landing pages are performing and make any relevant optimisations.

Campaign Optimisation

We have a full arsenal of tried & tested Google Ads strategies that we will employ to get you the best results. Such as writing a super-effective Google Ads copy that shares your brand’s tone of voice and encourages people to click through to your website. We’ll also regularly test ad performance, tweaking the text or adding new variations to ensure we constantly remain ahead of the game.

Landing Page Development

For ad campaigns to get real revenue-increasing results, they need to be accompanied by a compelling landing page. Our expert Copywriters can write landing pages that capture your brand voice and values. With off-the-chart, impressive copywriting, they’ll get through to your visitors on a deeper level and — most importantly — sell your products and services.

Want to generate leads for your business?

Paying third-party lead suppliers can be costly and often times those leads aren’t good quality leads. Why waste money on such sources when you can run your own ads through Google? 

By choosing Google ads, you will establish a strong online presence for your business. Get in touch with us and we will walk you through the process. 

What our Google ads clients are saying about our services

Client Reviews

"The Google Ads specialists at Dreamworx Marketing are great. The team is professional with their dealings and very customer oriented. They always offer great value in all conversations that they do. We achieved a business growth of about 41% in the past 3 months and the numbers are growing. Very highly recommended if you need Google Ads run for your business for quality and reasonable price."
Trevor D
"Dreamworx Marketing team were fantastic for my start up business. They had a focused marketing plan with solid web design at reasonable prices. Support-wise, they have been top shelf with outstanding response to emails. This was such value for money. With the right team, it has been a cake walk launching my business and getting it identified by thousands from the very beginning. It was our pleasure working with Dreamworx Markering and we greatly appreciate the support."
Matt H.
"Most understanding and easy-to-work-with people, who exactly knew what I needed! I did not expect that these people would be so professional and deliver results in such a short time. Google ads looked intimidating but they managed it with full ease and gave us 60% ROI in Google ads spend. Not bad at all. I am extremely satisfied with their services and would 100% recommend other business owners wanting to run Google ads to approach them asap!"
Sarah G.
Business Owner

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Frequently asked questions

Google offers an Ads platform that is run on a pay-per-click (PPC) platform that allows companies to create paid advertisements. Any business can aim is to raise brand awareness and traffic to the website, or to sell products and services, the ads will reach the consumer exactly when they’re interested in what you offer. Amazing, isn’t it.

The Google ads platform is based on an auction system, every time someone searches a keyword or a key phrase, various businesses bid to get their ad at the top. The great thing about this system is that you only pay when you get clicks, and there is no minimum spending commitment. Get us to create Google ad campaigns for your company our ads experts will take care of bringing in a great return on your ad spend.

Most Cost Per Click (CPC) and PPC services do not have a clear cost estimate, though the average cost per click usually sits between $1 and $2 as per Google.

For a more defined estimate of the cost, you would need to consider a number of variables such as:

  • Ad spend budget
  • Run time of Campaign
  • Competition from fellow companies
  • Advertising Goal
  • Will you be running Google remarketing on the Google Display Network?

Google ads platform runs on an auction-based system and you only pay for the clicks, there are ways to make it affordable for any budget. As with all advertising, the aim is to ensure that a profit is being made, so there will need to be performance-based measures in place to check that this is happening. If not, the campaign may need some adjustments to get that all-important ROI. 

We will not lie to you. Yes, you can. All it takes is to create a free Google Ads account, set up a payment method, and start running the ads. 

While this may seem very easy. What you can actually be doing is burning your marketing budget. Only an experienced professional can identify the right strategies to run Google ads for maximum benefit. You can get website visitors for example but there is no surety if that audience is your target audience and would turn into your customers. 

It’s important to start right to avoid any losses. Hire us as your Google ads agency and we promise to get the best results for your business as we did for 100s of other Australian companies like yours.

We charge a flat management fee on a monthly basis for our Google ads management services, unlike other agencies that charge a percentage of ad spend.

Why? Because we believe when the service fee is charged as a percentage of ad spend, the goal would be to maximise your ad spend rather than your profit — even if increasing your ad spend is not needed in the first place.

With a fixed management fee, our goals align with yours, so you can relax knowing that we’re making suggestions to make you more money, not us.

Your ad spend is also paid directly to Google, so you know that we don’t cream anything extra off the top.

Dreamworx is a Google ads agency trusted by Australia’s most innovative businesses. We have been running Google ad campaigns for service-based and eCommerce businesses for the last 5 years.   We have offered high converting warm traffic to our clients that have helped them take their business to great heights.
Our agency media buyers are certified. They have put in the hard work to earn the badge & certificate and we as an agency are on track to become a Google marketing partner.

Our current member status has been earned by the dedicated hard work that we have done for our clients over the years. From enterprise-level businesses to local storefronts, eCommerce to B2B, we’ve built high-performing campaigns for brands of all sizes and industries. 

We unrelentingly test new creative, ad copy, audiences, and landing pages to maximise your conversions.

We have given enough reasons why you must choose us. But here is the BIG ONE! We will not promise you over-the-top unrealistic results and tell you when the campaigns don’t work. It is our honesty that has brought us this far and we wish to continue with the legacy.

Google Ads is a fantastic way for businesses to increase traffic to their websites quickly.

Whereas it can take many months or years for a business to rank at the top of Google for their most important search keywords, Google Ads’ pay-per-click advertising platform allows businesses to appear at the top of Google almost immediately. 

While traffic is almost immediate, it does come at a price as many businesses will compete and bid for the most profitable keyword phrases.

If your business urgently needs increased traffic or website sales and leads, then Google Ads is the best way to achieve this.

For many businesses, running a Google Ads campaign can be extremely beneficial for increasing trade. But setting one up can be highly time-intensive, which is why we recommend using a Google Ads management service to ensure that the campaign is run by dedicated experts that can continually optimise the ad campaigns for maximum efficiency.

Simply put, Google advertising is a long-term investment. You cannot expect that an investment of say $500 today will give your business the growth you’re aiming to achieve in the next one year.

Though the results from successful Google ads campaigns are colossal, the time it takes to build it up to get massive results depends on a number of factors such as brand competition, consistency, ad spend, etc. 

When the ad is first set out, the system takes time to learn about the target audience, bid on the position of ads in the ads auction, and gather vital data about the ads to deliver the results.

In our experience, it can take 4-6 months minimum for the ads to mature and another 6 months to stand as a strong competitor in the market. 

Simply, send your details by filling in the inquiry form on the contact page. One of our marketing experts will get in touch with you and explain the steps forward. Also, get a Free audit report to speed up the process when you sign up for the newsletter.

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