Thinking about Facebook advertising? READ THIS before getting started

Most marketers won't tell this to you...

If you have been thinking about Facebook advertising for your business, then please continue reading as I will spill beans on what is it you need to know before getting started.

Holiday season is here, since Thanksgiving, the market has been flooded with deals and sales and being a business owner, you want to make sure, your business takes advantage of the buyer’s frenzy and earn extra monthly revenue.

To succeed with anything in life, one must do proper preparation. It is the same with Facebook advertising. If you ask any genuine Facebook advertiser, he/she will agree to this. Long story short, the success rate with paid ads through Facebook heavily depends on your organic marketing strategy.

Developing a well thought out organic Facebook marketing strategy makes it easier to be leveraged through paid marketing efforts to achieve a 10x or 100x ROI.

Why it’s important to have an organic marketing strategy?

When you plan to invest in Facebook advertising, now called Meta advertising, there is one thing that most business owners often forget about i.e., organic advertising. Organic advertising is done through sharing of content on Facebook and Instagram.

In simple terms we call it social media postings.

The audience gained through organic advertising is called Organic audience. It is the audience acquired though unpaid marketing efforts. It could be your social media followers or viewers who get to see your content through various sources such as social sharing, explore page of Instagram, content sharing on Facebook groups etc. It is basically that audience for which you do not have to invest or pay to acquire.

One can build an organic reach by posting content for free on social media platforms.

It’s almost 2023 and you cannot skip not having a professionally managed social media presence. To earn an edge over your competitors, it is imperative that a business actively shares useful content on Facebook and Instagram that keeps bringing in organic audiences to the business.

To earn an edge over your competitors, actively share useful content on Facebook and Instagram, share your story and focus on building a personal brand.

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Facebook advertising in 2023

Advertising on Facebook is still relevant and doing good. Look at the stats for one of our local clients below. We have been doing Facebook advertising for this business for the past 8 months and we have consistently been generating highly rewarding results together.

Did you notice I used the word “Together”?

When we got started working as a Facebook advertising agency for this client, we developed a content plan that would strategically expand the organic reach of this business on Facebook and Instagram. It was aimed to bring in new organic audiences by sharing of useful content within the niche topic.  

Sticking to that plan, we created content for the client and kept working on the organic reach of both their Facebook and Instagram pages. Since then, they have grown their audience to receive almost 250% increase in revenue.

Now, if you know a little about Facebook ads, you know that there is a thing called Facebook pixel that must be installed on the website to track data of incoming users which later on can be used for creating custom audiences for running ads.

By regularly sharing organic content, you not only drive traffic to your social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram, in our case), but you also bring more traffic to your website. Both these sources of traffic are monitored by the Pixel. Thus, the pixel keeps getting rich with data and you can use this data to generate custom audiences for the ads later on.

If you haven’t setup the Facebook pixel on your website yet, please get in touch with us, We will be happy to do that for you, for FREE. Please make sure you refer this article in your email.

While the organic strategy was well taken care of, we started implementing paid advertising strategies for them. Both organic and paid advertising together resulted in a massive success for the client and for us.

If you also want to develop a Facebook advertising strategy for your business, kindly get in touch with us.

What happens if you don’t plan your organic marketing strategy?

Organic advertising takes time and effort to see results. Unlike paid advertising, it is not a quick fix solution. Brands who want to grow consistently, put efforts in creating content that is either entertaining, educational or helpful for their organic audiences.

Organic advertising offers a reliable source of traffic and when used wisely, this traffic can be used to create ideal buyer personas and lookalike audiences. Both of which are highly useful for paid advertising.

Without an organic marketing strategy, it becomes difficult to identify the real target audience which then leads to loss of extra budget in the initial stages of Facebook advertising. Meaning, if your brand awareness campaign was supposed to use 8x of your advertising budget, it might end up using 15-20x.

7 content ideas for preparing your social media accounts for Facebook advertising

Now that you know, what really matters, before you start to invest in paid advertising using Facebook, We would like to share with you 7 content ideas that will help you gain new followers on your business Facebook and Instagram accounts:

1. Share “X ways” that solve your target audience’s pain points

How is your product or service fit for solving your customer’s pain points? How is your product making the life of customers easier? Answer these questions and create content around that. It could be a fun reel with you pointing fingers at your side and the text shows up after every beat. (IYKYK)

2. Share a “tweet or a quote” that is directly related to your niche

If you have a product business, look up quotes from big industry names like Ford, Apple, Pepsi, Coca Cola or it could be a tweet from one of their founders. However, if you have a service business, there are tons of successful entrepreneurs who have shared their views as quotes, and you can recreate them in innovative ways to suit your content branding and share it with your audience.

3. Share interesting “industry news” and describe how it can benefit or harm your target audience

This is one tip that will keep you ahead of your competitors. It will give you an opportunity to dig deep and learn more about your industry. You can even use this knowledge to finesse your product or service. It will also help keep your audience engaged and portray yourself as an expert in the industry, one having vast knowledge.

4. Create videos with voiceover

Have a busy day and no time to create content? Record yourself in the office or in the factory. Better yet, record little clips throughout your day, this will give a chance to your audience to see you in action, how your business performs at the back end and build a story.

There is nothing better than creating a brand story that people relate to and trust on. No matter the amount of paid advertising you can do, organic marketing can help you develop strong relationships with your customers and a legacy of loyal ones that will keep your brand or business afloat.

5. Fun industry memes or jokes, that will crack up everybody

Some days you’re very hyped up, you want to shoot content and you find yourself online more? I know how it is 😛 Make use of those days to share funny memes or stories or jokes that will make everybody laugh. “Laughing” is the best emotion to build friendships. And when you are naturally hyped up, it becomes easier for you to show up too.

But make sure, the joke is relevant to your industry. Otherwise, there is no point.

6. Get intimate with your audience

Share your story or a part of it with your online audience. Show them your real self and make yourself vulnerable. You will see great engagement happening with such posts. Remember that you audience consists of real human beings, who like to listen to real stories. This will be your opportunity to slide into DMs to thank people individually who show their support in the comments. No better way to do that by sharing your own picture 

7. Post client testimonials or reviews

Sharing reviews is called building “social proof”. It entrusts your future customer into believing that your product or service is good for them. It helps them visually see that others have used your product and so they get convinced to buy from you.

These strategies will profit you only when you plan them ahead of time and remain consistent with them. Following any one strategy and expecting results will only bring dissatisfaction.

Now is your time to start. Make use of the opportunity and map out a weekly organic marketing strategy suitable for your business and see your brand reach and grow to great heights.


Facebook advertising will be rewarding only when you have an active online presence on your Facebook & Instagram accounts. Make sure your business is well prepared before you hit “Publish” on that Facebook ad campaign.

Until next time.

For any help with Facebook advertising, please get in touch with us here.


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