Facebook Ads: Expectation VS Reality

Facebook or Meta ads have been the talk of the town ever since they came into existence back in 2007. Although a lot has changed since then, the idea behind Meta advertising hasn’t. 

The number of daily active users on Facebook reached 1.96 billion in 2022. With Meta being the owner of the world’s second-biggest digital advertising platform after Google, Facebook ads are helping small businesses grow bigger and bigger each year by helping them market their brand to people who wouldn’t otherwise learn about the brand through any other marketing platform. There are tons of case studies one can take inspiration from and start their journey into making it big through Facebook ads.  Our team at Dreamworx Marketing specializes in helping Australian businesses in making this dream a reality. Check out some of our recent success stories to find out more about target Facebook ads

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As every marketer sets out their journey for Facebook ads, they are soon hit by surprises that they aren’t prepared for. Some of these surprises seem pleasant at first such as the message “Audience too broad” but others can cause a big hole in your pocket if you’re not well prepared for it.

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Expectation: I will start making sales right from the get-go!

Reality: Most likely you won’t. Harsh? Sorry, but that’s the reality. Facebook ads are competitive and there is market saturation too, so winning sales is not easy. Depending on where you’re at in terms of Facebook marketing funnel, the results may vary but there isn’t a surety you’ll hit your sales goals or target numbers in the get go.

In order to reap benefits from Facebook advertising, one has to make sure they follow a well-planned marketing strategy that starts from Brand awareness campaigns leading up to sales or conversion campaigns. Additionally, the most important part which Dreamworx team specializes in is data analysis and ad optimization which needs to be done throughout any campaign.

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Expectation: The more money I will spend on the ads each day the more sales I will get.

Reality: This is by far the most common “expectation” we’ve seen people have. Spending more money on Facebook ads does not equate to making more sales – period.  Many people stick to the adage that the more money you spend on your business, the more of it will come back to you. Which is true when we’re talking about the business as a whole but not specifically for Facebook ads. Why we say so is because, the whole idea behind Facebook ads is to make sure the cost per result (CPR) is as low as possible and that is only possible by backend data analysis and ad optimization

We encourage all small business owners to start with a low budget and then increase it depending on the results obtained. So, in conclusion, spending more money may get you more results only and only when you spend it strategically.

Facebook marketing agency melbourne

Expectation:  Facebook ads are not worth it.

Reality: As a Facebook Advertising Agency, we’ve spent over $100k on Facebook ads and have seen mind blowing success stories across the board.

Facebook ads can help you reach a wider audience, generate new leads and convert more customers – Facebook ads are 100% worth it. In fact, some companies need to invest more in strategized Facebook advertising that would bring them the eyeballs their brand name needs.

Another very good reason for considering Facebook advertising is that it is cheap! Yes, that’s true. When compared to other social media platforms, Facebook or Meta advertising offers one of the cheapest advertising solutions of digital marketing.

Facebook ads agency melbourne

Expectation: Outsourcing Facebook advertising is all I need to win big through Facebook ads.

Reality: Our Facebook marketing experts at Dreamworx are all about taking the load off your shoulders and working their best to offer you the biggest returns on the ads possible.

In all honesty though, even if we take full responsibility for Facebook advertising, there is still some teamwork needed on your behalf. Being the business owner, you have full knowledge and more about your product or service and that will add as the cherry to the cake when combined with our dedicated marketing efforts. Therefore, it would mean your continuous participation with our Facebook advertising team to guarantee the success of the Facebook campaigns.

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Expectation: If it did well with ads in the previous period, it will do well every time.

Reality: As a seasoned Facebook marketing agency, we can say with experience that, the results are not always the same with Facebook ads. As various factors come into play such as the economic situation of the market, life changing events like a global pandemic or changes in buyer’s behaviour, there are many twists and turns throughout the Facebook advertising journey. Therefore, one must be prepared to experience differences in ad performance.

When you do Facebook advertising with us, our team makes sure your results are always getting better with each passing month, however since there are factors that are beyond anyone’s control, there may be changes in ad performance, but we will make sure that in totality your results are showing an upward trend.

Of all the expectation that one may have from Facebook ads, one thing if for sure, Facebook ads are no longer a short-term investment.

When you sign up for Facebook advertising services with Dreamworx Marketing, we prepare a full step by step marketing strategy for your company to elevate the online presence of your business that leads to increased revenue. All along the way, we make sure your opinions are heard and your feedback is taken into consideration.

We value the trust our clients put in us and we aim to deliver only the best and the most honest services to all our clients.

In the past 6 months, we have helped multiple businesses just like yours grow their revenue to manifolds. Get in touch with us for Facebook advertising services today.

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