What factors decide if an agency is the “best digital marketing agency” for your business?

You’ve got a business up and running and it’s now time for you to invest into Digital Marketing.

You want to grow your business and harness the power of digital marketing to increase the revenue.

How do you start?

You sit at the computer, open Google and start typing “Best Digital Marketing Agency…….”. The search probably looks something like this image below.

Best digital marketing agency ringwood

While any agency or organisation may mark itself as THE BEST digital marketing agency. What is it actually that allows them this title? What are the factors that make an agency the best and how you must decide which agency is best for your business?

If you’ve been looking for an answer, then this blog post is for you!

We will be sharing top deciding factors when it comes to hiring a digital marketing expert or agency for your business.

Before you proceed, you must decide, what do you want for your business in terms of digital marketing.

  • If you are looking for to grow your social media following, you need a Content Creator to create branded content to share on your socials. If you already have the content but need somebody to work on the post engagement rate, then you probably need a Social Media Strategist to map out a plan for that. If it is both, then you simply need a Social Media Manager to handle all your social media needs.
  • If it’s your website that needs a design upgrade with fresh colours and graphics, you need to hire a Website Designer or if you are just starting out and need a custom website with special functionalities on it, you need a Website Developer who would code a unique design for you.
  • On the other hand, if you think your website is alright, but hardly any leads come through from it, or no one finds it on the search engines, you need to look into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Please note that, SEO is a long-term investment and does not offer quick results.

Before delving into the factors, it is important to find out what you want, how much you are ready to invest, what results you expect and what timeframe you have set for the completion of the tasks. Continue reading and you will gain more perspective on all these points.

  • If none of the above is of your concern and you’re probably after quick results, then paid marketing is your best bet.
  • While paid marketing can be done on various channels, it is up to you to decide which channel you want to use. Now you would say, I don’t know! In this case, you probably haven’t given much thought to it yet. If this was your answer, it’s time to do some research. Look at the past sources from where your leads came in, this will be your simple and direct method of leveraging that same source through paid advertising.

REMEMBER: If you do not do this research, you may end up being hurt, with tons of dollars getting drained out of your pocket. You know how? Imagine a hypothetical situation where you approach a marketer to simply use paid advertising to grow your business, now they instantly suggest Google advertising for your business. Firstly, without data analysis, it is not wise to invest into any paid marketing efforts as not every platform is for everyone. Secondly, the marketer you choose might not have enough expertise in it. How do you decide? Continue reading as we together explore factors on deciding the best digital marketing agency for your business.

Why do you need only the best digital marketing agency?

Below are our 5 top reasons in a nutshell:

  1. An agency will save you time so that you as a business owner can focus on other responsibilities if the business.
  2. Digital marketers are data experts and through data analysis they can help you improve your digital marketing results such as number of leads, cost per lead etc.
  3. The best digital marketing agency will makes sure your marketing strategy if solid and will help your business name get ahead of the competitors.
  4. The best digital marketers are data nomads. They eat sleep and rave data. This is their superpower to provide best Return on Investment for your business.
  5. The best digital marketing agency always brings new & innovative ideas for increasing your brand value. They are full of creativity and passionate and this pattern does not stay hidden. It shows when you speak with them.
  6. With enough knowledge on making, you ready to hire a digital marketing agency, below are the TOP deciding factors on who really is the BEST for you!

Factors That Make an Agency the Best Digital Marketing Agency…FOR YOUR BUSINESS!

Without using a lot of your time, below are listed the TOP TWO REASONS that will help you identify the best agency for your business. This is all that matters! Trust us!!


While there are pros and cons of both having a lengthy experience and not having it. We will shed some light on both the cases. Agencies that have been in the business for a long time, ideally more than 3 years then they are in it for the long run which means they have been investing both time and energy into building their own agency and growing it while still providing their services to businesses like yours. These are the ones you MUST trust with your business.

In case of agencies with 10+ years of working experience, you probably want to watch out unless you have a big budget. One their service cost will be higher than average and/or you might get lost and may not get the best ROI. Why because in a big pond, chances are small fishes get lost. Well part of this may be true, so it’s up to you as a business owner that you choose your marketing agency wisely.

If you are looking to learn digital marketing hacks to become a better online business owner, read this post where we have shared 15 best hacks to take your business to the next level.

Depending on how much budget you have allocated for Digital Marketing, the size of marketing agency you partner with can vary. With no standard pricing for services associated with digital marketing, the agencies that have spent quite a lot of time building teams and developing themselves normally charge higher than the ones that are still in the development stage.

In our humble opinion, agencies in their development stage are the best because, there are more chances they will be sincere! They will most likely strive to provide you with honest and dedicated services and there are very less chances of you getting lost among the big fishes.

Now, when we say, ‘development stage’, this definitely doesn’t mean, an agency that is very newly established. For obvious reasons, as the wise can imagine, you cannot put your business at stake with immature hands.

At Dreamworx, we value EVERY client we work with. Time and time again we have seen our clients come back to us for the value we add to their businesses.

We are ready to do the same for you. Please give us a chance to serve you. Fill out your details in the form below and let’s get started.


While it is easy to assess the experience, most agencies have it shared in their ‘About Page’, what is not easy to access though is the value the marketing agency has brought for their past clientele. Therefore, to assess this, it is recommended to always ask for a portfolio of past work and results obtained by the agency and go through the reports yourself to find out if they are real. This will not only educate you more for the service you’re after but also help you make a wise decision.

When it comes to expertise in digital marketing, Certifications are something that you can look out for as well. Not only that, but the source of certification is also important. Having a certificate means, the marketer or the agency has done the hard work and passed the exam to earn it. This qualifies them to be an expert in their field, here the level of expertise varies, which obviously can be identified by looking at the certificate.

Most genuine marketers link their certificate with the original source, this is one secret nobody will ever tell you about. But with Dreamworx, we want to keep it real.

If however, the agency certification isn’t linked to the original source, you as a customer can ask them for it. If they provide them to you then you have every reason to choose them for your company and if they don’t, it’s a clear sign that your search for the best digital marketing agency must continue.

In most cases, certifications are issued to individuals and badges to agencies. When an agency has been sincerely serving clients, they get rewarded like many other things in life in general. Google badges agencies with a partner badge or a premier partner badge based on agency expertise and experience. Similarly, Meta also identifies agencies and rewards them with a member or a partner badge.

These badges are mostly present at the footer of the website and kept public.

If we were to decide…

If were to choose one factor of the above two, we would hands down recommend the portfolio.

For obvious reasons, it is all that matters. The portfolio will clearly help you decide the expertise an agency has and what they bring to the table. What acts as the cherry to the cake is the TESTIMONIALS, which ideally are a part of the portfolio as well.


And always keep in mind…

What is best for your business may not be best for some other business. Similarly, if an agency is best for your friend’s business, it is not important that it will be the best for yours too.

Every agency has their expertise in some area of marketing, not all are the same or equal. It is the past results they bring to their customers that decides the value they bring.

Our recent clients have achieved high revenues in their online business through our strategic and data-driven Facebook advertising services. 

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